How do I stay updated on the latest trends, technologies, and best practices and how do I incorporate the knowledge into the team

Staying updated with the latest trends, technologies, and best practices requires effort. The way I stay up-to-date is by a mix of reading newsletters, Twitter, blog posts, and books and by listening to YouTube videos and podcasts. I've accumulated a curated list of people I follow, but if you're starting and don't know where to look, I recommend subscribing to ThoughtWorks' Technology Radar.

How do I incorporate the knowledge into the team? Well, I occasionally share some of the articles or ideas with my colleagues, specific people, a whole team, or my direct reports. I might do a short meeting or presentation when I am more invested in an idea.

The rest is just information, and occasionally, I do some pattern matching with a problem and some concepts I learned from an article/book/podcast/etc. In those cases, I might try to search the article to share it with the team working on that problem or use the knowledge to share an opinion.

Of course, a priori, sharing information doesn't yield any change or impact. It is through discussion and repetition that the team adopts some of these pieces of information.

At last, I might use the information I found in my analytical work and communications, such as reporting, presentations, and written documents.

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Matias Lespiau

Matias Lespiau

Madrid, Spain