My favorite links

Speed as a Habit: Speed leads to faster feedback, and feedback leads to better outcomes. I like this article from Dave Girouard, CEO of personal finance startup Upstart, that urges us to build a habit for speed. He provides many tips to apply on a day-to-day basis for speeding up decision-making and execution.

Time Theft: How Hidden and Unplanned Work Commit the Perfect Crime:  Dominica DeGrandis is the author of one of my favorite books: Making Work Visibile. In 30m, she explains what's stealing time from your teams and provides advice to mitigate it.

Six dimensions of Team performance: This article from Troy Magennis describes six different measurements that compete with each other in systems that aim to deliver high value to customers. It provides examples of what happens when a team focuses too less/much on one of these dimensions.

How to mentor software Engineers: David Golden does a great job describing what mentorship looks like and provides tips for mentoring at different levels: goals, situations and skills.